Product Description

  • Multi-functional Music LED Flashlight Torch
  • With FM radio, MP3 player, MP3 audio, flashlight, USB disk, mobile phone power supply
  • Silica gel button design, it is easy to handle.
  • MP3 player function, it can play different types of music files.
  • MP3 sound box, it can be connected with computer by using USB cable.
  • With flashlight function, it has three light levels, low light, high light, and blink light.
  • Alarm whistle function, press alarm key can make warming whistle sound (the alarm whistle can be set with your own favorite).
  • With TF card slot, it can be used as USB disk when pluged in TF card.
  • Matched with USB power cable, it can be connected with computer when run out of battery.
  • With convenient bicycle dedicated clip, it can be mounted in the bicycle.
  • Suitable for traveling, fishing, mountain climbing, bicycle riding and other leisure activities.
  • 2800mAh big capacity battery can be used as a mobile power bank.