Product Description

This bluetooth headset stands out others in its delicately small and compact size, portable light weight, ultra humane design and multiple functions.  Much more lightweight and exquisitely smaller than traditional bluetooth headsets. Delicate and compact exterior. The in-ear earbuds reduce the noise outside and cancel it to the minimum.Clip-on-collar style wireless bluetooth headset, with retractable line convenient to answer phone calls and listen to music. When you don’t need it, only a press on the rewind button will rollback the line. With built-in microphone, you can talk freely. When you are answering a phone or listening to music, you can free your hands and do other things at the same time.  Multi-function and Full Compatibility. You can answer or end a call, adjust volume, listen to music or radio and so on. What’s more, it can be connected with two phones at the same time. When connected with IOS system, the battery level will be shown clearly on the cell phone screen. Obviously, you will see a clip to the reverse of it, which is for clipping on user’s collar or other convenient clothing that can be clipped on. When clipped, it reminds you of a call by vibrating itself. You will never worry about missing a call. When you notice, you just need to pull the line and get the earbud to your ear and talk. When you finish, place the earbud off and a single press on the rewind button will rollback the line where it was. Answering a call with such a bluetooth headset, you can keep on driving or do other things. It is really practical and convenient for businessmen and drivers